Slot Games Inspired by Movies

Movies are now an integral part of our lifestyles since the visual entertainment films offer are indeed unmatchable! Well, the plot of the movies should be captivating enough to keep you rooted to your seats for the whole duration but if you are offered the work of great directors who have long-lasting legacy of providing the finest flicks, you are bound to feel the fun.

Movies have not only inspired numerous events of our life one way or the other but it has also triggered ideas for business and entertainment. Out there, exists many game developers that inspire from movies to design their next game. Amongst the creations are slot games as well. Why not seize the opportunity to check out the various slot games inspired by popular flicks? You might want to try the slots or re-watch these classics for additional amusement!


In 1995, Joe Johnston released the fantasy adventure movie titled Jumanji. The movie revolves around a board game that has the power to unleash the adversities of the jungle on those who play the game. As Alan Parish and Sarah start the game but abruptly ends when Alan is trapped inside Jumanji, the game is then found by siblings Judy and Peter who help Sarah and Alan complete the game so that everything turns back to normal. Through the movie, the game unleashes numerous iconic dangers like mosquitoes, spiders, carnivorous plants and even stampedes! Inspired by this dynamic movie, NetEnt came up with the idea of a slot game bearing the same name. You can encounter the iconic features like sticky vines, stampede of wilds, monkey reshuffling and monsoon crocodiles.


Anchor-man: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy was released back in 2004 but is known to still amuse the audience with its marvellous acting and cinematography. Directed by Adam McKay, the movie is about Ron Burgundy, a famous anchor-man that feels challenged when a new girl arrives in the television station. The movie spawned a sequel and both movies were greatly appraised by the critics, enough to become an inspiration for Scientific Games who came up with Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Slot. Packed with features based on the news team and popular characters of the movie, this one slot game is bound to bring back some unforgettable memories of the movie or might tempt you in going for a re-view of the movie!

Jurassic World

This one does not deserve much description its huge popularity and record-breaking gross let Jurassic World as one of the most appraised movie of all times. Part of the Jurassic Park series and the first movie in the trilogy of Jurassic World, it is based on the attraction park of Jurassic World where a genetically modified dinosaur gets loose and leaves the park in chaos. Critics praised the graphics, overall storyline and the acting by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Well, since this movie is listed on this article, you might have guess it inspired a slot game as well. You are correct; Microgaming was the one to design and bring to your screens Jurassic World Slot packed with equally enthralling features and incredible graphics for a thrilling gameplay.

Planet Of The Apes

Directed by Tim Burton, Planet Of The Apes is based on a French novel by Pierre Boulle. The film tells the story of an astronaut crew that land on a distant planet. As they explore the seemingly desert planet, it is revealed that the planet is actually habituated by a society of intelligent and highly evolved apes while the humans are mute creatures. The movie experienced a financial success and was considered the last of the franchise but in 2011, a reboot relaunches the franchise in a new direction. The movie was well received by audiences but NetEnt was especially interested with the concept and as such, came up with the Planet Of The Apes Slot. With the excitement always at the top, the gameplay offers Wilds, Scatters and Bonus Symbols. Free Spins features are also attracting players to this release by NetEnt.

Terminator II: Judgement Day

This science-fiction and action film is considered one of the greatest visual breakthrough through computer generated imagery since the time the movie was released, it was indeed an achievement. Released in 1991, Terminator II is the sequel to the original Terminator movie and revolves around Sarah Connor and her son who are pursued by a more advanced genre of Terminator, sent back in time to kill her partner. In 2014, Microgaming came up with the idea to release a slot game bearing the same concept and same name. Stuffing it with features as well as bonus rounds, entertainment and thrill is always promised on the Terminator II Slot.

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