Finance company commits to: special rate on electric car credit

 Astro Finance, an organization the planet can count on! With a promotional rate of 3.10% fixed APR for all requests for electric car loans, the group left its mark. Is this “green” rate the best on the market? What conditions must be fulfilled to obtain it? Everything you need to know about the special auto electric / hybrid credit offer.

Astro Finance breaks electric car credit rates

Astro Finance breaks electric car credit rates

Every little gesture for ecology and a cleaner planet is good to take. As a credit organization of the society general group, Astro Finance is now scoring points with its offer on auto electric / hybrid loans.

Special offer conditions

  • Auto / hybrid auto credit only
  • Amount: $ 15,000 to $ 35,000
  • Duration: 49 to 60 months
  • Rate: fixed APR
  • Validity: July 02, 2019

Is this the best offer of the moment?

Our credit comparator indicates that the APR rate of 3.10% is the best under the conditions displayed by Astro Finance. Bankate offers a better rate (2.90%) over 48 months, but does not allow you to obtain a car / motorcycle loan from $ 15,000 over 49 months or less at less than 3.00%. Credit organizations therefore do not compete with this permanent promotion. On the other hand, you have to compare the offers to obtain the best borrowing conditions for less than 49 months, whether or not an electric vehicle.

Electric car credit simulation

Electric car credit simulation

We tested the offer of Astro Finance on its site, and we find the promised rate of 3.10%. Here is for example what a request for an electric or hybrid car loan of 17,000 USD over 60 months might look like.

Remember that the 2019 ecological bonus allows you to obtain up to 6000 USD on the purchase of an electric vehicle (see here). A discount paid a posteriori, which can very well allow to prepay part of the credit. The monthly payments will then be recalculated downwards, and the total cost will fall accordingly. Remember that the car loan, like any consumer loan, allows you to repay in advance.

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