Fashion 2018: Being Closer To Nature

In most cases the world-known clothing designers think of the impression this or that outfit creates first. But not in 2018. This year the couturiers ponder over many important aspects. Making fashion closer to nature is one of them. How does it work? We are going to reveal the secret together with the experts of Cattifly.

Fashion 2018 Being Closer To Nature

First of all, the most popular collections of clothes presented for 2018 are unbelievably comfortable. We know people have always strived for such models. No matter whether we analyze ancient or modern trends. And according to Cattifly, this year the idea has been totally incorporated into the world of fashion. No super slimming or tight-fitting models widespread in 2018. Everything needs to be organically interconnected with the hectic pace of modern life. That’s why more casual and street style clothes are offered this year. The same tendency is actual for shoes. Sneakers, kitten heels and boots are your best friends this year. Right, it’s not walking barefoot, but still very close to the natural position of feet.

Second, let’s look at the prints named the favorites of 2018. The guys from Cattifly remind: both leopard and other animal prints are welcomed this year. So isn’t it a subconscious attempt to make the stylish wardrobe closer to nature? Of course, it is. Moreover, we usually try to restore the balance of the inner energy with different elements of nature. And this trend of 2018 gives a wonderful chance to find the needed inspiration. In addition, watercolor prints are still considered fashionable this year. So, you can easily fill the shelves with pleasant greenery and elegant flowers to both look gorgeous and help the eye to relax.

Third, pay attention to the fabrics you choose. Have you heard 100% cotton jeans are trendy again in 2018? This also means you can be closer to nature. The experts of Cattifly say: the more natural textiles you prefer, the healthier your lifestyle is and the more you think of nature. Faux fur coats, which are especially desirable this year also make sure no animals suffer in order to provide you with another trendy outfit. Isn’t it great?

Our life is too unpredictable, so we can’t be indifferent. If fashion is democratic enough to offer a wide range of organic, healthy and eco-friendly alternatives regarding clothes… Why not to use the opportunity? According to Cattifly, clothing made of natural materials affect even mood. Wearing items of breathable fabrics improves the skin and helps to reduce stress. And it’s not surprising the world-known fashion houses did their best to use the advantages while creating new collections for 2018. Staying closer to nature is easy in case you carefully choose what to wear.

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