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Training Loan: Apprentices and students would do well to use GLB’s education loan. More information on student financing, student loan from Cream Bank. The one who undertakes the journey to one of the branches of Cream Bank can apply for either the basic loan, the individual loan or the GLB Student Loan.

A student loan can make life easier, especially during examinations, when there is hardly any time for a second job due to the exam preparation. In addition, there are many other loans, such as the multi-award winning mortgage lending or the GLB Student Loan, which Cream Bank is one of the few credit institutions in Germany.

Student loan from the Good Lender Bank

100 to 650 per month regardless of your own income or wealth. Full or partial prolongation at the beginning of each semester. The interest on the GLB student loan is variable and is currently (as of 01.04.2018) only 3.55% pa The repayment phase of the GLB student loan is a fixed interest agreement for the remaining term – maximum 10 years – possible.

Student loan of the Cream Bank

Student loan of the Cream Bank

With the Cream Bank, the bank has a distribution partner, through which a loan application for a GLB student loan can be made. The Cream Bank is therefore not an offer of its own, but, together with other private banks, savings banks and the Studierendenwerk, plays the role of customer service representative for the Good Lender Bank (GLB).

The Student Loan of the Cream Bank or the Student Loan of the Good Lender Bank (GLB) can be used without regard to the own salary and the own salary and is therefore a good possibility for all students who are not entitled to the bachelor’s degree, but still do not have the necessary funds for student funding and do not think about a job for studying or studying.

All German nationals and their dependents, irrespective of their nationality, all EU citizens who have been in the Federal Republic for three years and all German students are eligible to apply. The loan will be provided irrespective of the creditworthiness of the candidate, but not in the case of the insolvency of the candidate. The loan may also be claimed after the start of the study, or at the latest during the tenth semester.

The loan is used for the cost of living and is not granted in a single installment, but in monthly installments of between $ 100 and $ 650. To limit the interest rate risk, the loan has a maximum interest rate guarantee of fifteen years, which allows for an interest rate hike, but sets an interest barrier.

The lead story for the acquisition of new customers. Cream Bank lending always requires a certain degree of self-confidence, both from the house bank and from the borrower himself. The Cream Bank mortgage lending Cream Bank not only offers a large number of different financings, but also provides loans as part of mortgage lending.